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Record Store Day


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Immortalized in a Wudlick

—illustration by Bud Wudlick

—illustration by Bud Wudlick

The Depot Creek Stringband performance at Bittersweet Coffee in Henderson on March 21, 2009 has been forever immortalized in an illustration by Excelsior artist Bud Wudlick. Thanks Bud, we love it.


The Depot Creek String Band on the set of The Boxcar Children

One more chance to catch The Boxcar Children. Read More »

The Boxcar Children

The Depot Creek Stringband will embark on their first ever theatrical production this weekend. The play is “The Boxcar Children” and is a production of SPact, the St. Peter Area Children’s Theatre. Read More »

Thank you for the Naturalists

A big thanks to the Minnesota Naturalists Association for inviting us to play at their annual convention. We were the evening entertainment Saturday, after the attendees spent a full day of “geeking-out” over nature. You know, nature: that place that exists entirely in spite of our closed-up in-door micro-habitat lives. Read More »

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Wearing a shirt

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With a whammy bar…

Norma six-string
Some time ago, I picked up a very-well-taken-care-of Norma six-string from a local guy. It never even made it home. It’s just been leaning up against the wall next to my desk at work. It’s always had a problem, a blemish of sorts. No whammy bar. I guess it’s just always been that way. Read More »

Due East


Tin Whiskers.

Movin’ On

The Depot Creek Stringband lost one of its fans this week. John Peterson of Gaylord died Sunday. He was a big of fan of classic country, and was always in the audience when we played in Gaylord. Read More »